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The Lemonade War Chapter 10, 11, 12

Quiz by JoAnn Renken

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Evan kept his money in a
    cedar box
    tin can
    glass jar
  • Q2
    Jessie understood why Evan was mad at her.
  • Q3
    Which of the following did Jessie NOT put in Evan’s lemonade?
    2 green inchworms
    4 ladybugs 3 bags of fruit flies
    1 gypsy moth
    4 ladybugs
  • Q4
    When did Evan realize there was something wrong with his lemonade?
    When he dumped out the cooler.
    When he tried to sell the third cup.
    Right away when he started selling.
  • Q5
    Why didn’t Evan want to dump out his lemonade?
    He didn’t want to get lemonade everywhere.
    He had spent $40 on that lemonade.
    He wanted to drink it himself.
  • Q6
    How did Evan know that Jessie had put the bugs in his lemonade?
    He dusted for fingerprints.
    He found the Ziploc bags in the trash.
    She told him.
  • Q7
    Jessie had a lot of fun at the beach with Megan.
  • Q8
    What was Mr. Moriarty’s “memo” to himself?
    To make sure he goes to the beach on Labor Day weekend every year.
    To pack lots of sunscreen.
    To never go to the beach on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend. Especially when there has been a heat wave for more than a week.
  • Q9
    Why did Jessie and Megan’s family have to walk a mile and a half to the beach?
    The beach was really crowded and there wasn’t any parking in the lot.
    Megan’s parents really like to walk.
    It took that long to walk from their house.
  • Q10
    Why was Jessie feeling sick on the way home?
    She was nervous about facing Scott.
    She was nervous about facing Evan.
    She gets motion sickness on car rides.

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