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The Life of Moses

Quiz by Pam Schmitt

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20 questions
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  • Q1

    Who found Moses after his mother put him in the Nile River


    The daughter of the Pharaoh

    A servant of the Pharaoh

    The Pharaoh of Egypt

  • Q2

    Why did Moses' mother place him in the Nile River

    She wanted a daughter

    God spoke to her and told her to sacrifice her son

    the Pharaoh ruled that all male Israelite babies would be killed 

    She was poor and could not feed him

  • Q3

    After Moses killed an Egyptian, where did he flee?


    Mount Sinai



  • Q4

    Why did Jethro offer his daughter to Moses as his wife?

    Moses promised to give him his first born son

    Moses came to their defense at the well

    Moses fought a battle for her and won

    Moses broke bread with him and asked for permission to marry her

  • Q5

    What was God's plan for the Hebrews that Moses was to help with?

    To fight the Egyptians in battle

    To give them Egypt as their Kingdom

    To free them from slavery

    To make them the rulers of Mount Sinai 

  • Q6

    What is the first major event in Moses' life?

    Moses married his wife

    Moses gave the Plagues to Egypt

    The angel of the Lord appeared as a burning bush

    Moses received the Ten Commandments

  • Q7

    What convinced Moses that the people would believe him when he asked them to follow him

    Setting the bush on fire

    His staff turned into a snake

    The healing of his hand with leprosy

    Killing the Pharoah 

  • Q8

    What was Moses' brother's name




  • Q9

    God made a covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to give the Hebrews the land of 





  • Q10

    What happened after Moses demanded the Hebrews be set free

    The Pharoah released them

    The Pharoah had his magicians turn a staff into a snake

    The Pharoah made them work harder

    The Pharoah killed 3,000 Hebrews

  • Q11

    What was the first Plague of Egypt

    gnats traveled in swarms biting the Egyptians

    all Egyptian livestock died

    all the water in Egypt turned to blood

    frogs invaded the land of Egypt and then died

  • Q12

    What was the third plague of Egypt

    gnats traveled in swarms biting the Egyptians

  • Q13

    What was the fifth plague of Egypt

    all Egyptian livestock died

  • Q14

    What was the final plague of Egypt

    the death of every firstborn 

    swarm of locust


    darkness was cast across Egypt for three days

  • Q15

    What would happen on the tenth day of Passover

    a male sheep would be sacrificed and his blood painted on the Hebrews doorsteps

    The Pharoah would suffer from leprosy

    all firstborn Hebrew children would be killed

    Hebrews would be set free


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