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The Literature Review

Quiz by andrea bernal

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    In Creswell's words, what is a literature review?
    Question Image
    Written review on current state on issues
    Updated information about a topic
    Written summary on current state on a topic
    Written resume on the statement of the problem
  • Q2
    Why is doing a Lit review important?
    Question Image
    To identify background information
    To identify problems
    To propose know approaches to investigate the topic
    To gain knowledge about the topic
  • Q3
    Which of the following is NOT a reason for doing a Lit Review?
    Question Image
    To discover new writing styles
    To gain skills at finding sources
    To find models of research for your own study
    To gain knowledge
    To demonstrate the relevance
    To establish your new approach
  • Q4
    Which is NOT a good step to find key words related to your research
    Question Image
    Make a list of key words taken from articles
    Write questions related to the topic or issue
    Look in a data basis of key words or terms
    Brainstorm whatever comes to your mind
    Select key words from existing titles
  • Q5
    Where can you locate sources?
    Question Image
    blogs and social media
    Only encyclopedias
    Primary and secondary sources
  • Q6
    Which is NOT an aspect to consider to critically evaluate sources?
    Question Image
    Include both qualitative and quantitative articles
    Sources with editorial boards
    Include mainly research articles
    Preferably choose web-based sources
  • Q7
    Which is a step to organize the sources of your lit review?
    Paraphrase the most important information
    Write your original own version of the abstract
    Onbly take the most important of the abstract
    Analyze and identify key parts in the abstract
  • Q8
    Why is a lit review map important?
    Question Image
    It shows your creative skills at coming up with a new version of what you read
    It shows your conceptualization and depth of knowledge gained on current research
    It shows your creativity and own interpretations
    It shows your comprehension and own interpretation of current research

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