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The Middle Ages

Quiz by Razvan Andrei

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10 questions
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  • Q1

    Christians were persecuted in the Roman Empire mostly because:

    Christians plotted to overthrow the emperor.

    Christians didn't recognize the divine authority of the emperor.

    Romans disliked Jesus Christ.

    Romans were very intolerant with other religions.

  • Q2

    The first university in the world was founded in:

    Paris, France

    Bologna, Italy

    Rome, Italy

    Oxford, England

  • Q3

    The Middle Ages is a historical period:

    From the fall of Rome to the 21st century.

    From the fall of Athens to the Renaissance.

    From the fall of Rome to the Renaissance.

    From the foundation of Rome to the Renaissance.

  • Q4

    During the Middle Ages the Church was:

    The only institution that somehow united Europe.

    An institution in charge with implementing feudalism.

    A promoter of secular (non-religious) learning.

    An institution responsible with training knights for kings.

  • Q5

    Feudalism was:

    A system that offered protection to people traveling to the Holy Land.

    A system that tied lords to the land where they were born.

    Mostly a system of military service in exchange for lands.

    A war against Muslim Arabs.

  • Q6

    The Manor was the house of a category of peasants called serfs.

    True or False
  • Q7

    Charlemagne was not only a brilliant military leader and powerful king, but also quite educated and cultured, even though he could read but he couldn't write.

    True or False
  • Q8

    What was a Crusade?

    A war waged by the Moors of Spain against Charlemagne.

    A system of military service in exchange for land.

    A war waged by medieval Christians mostly against Muslim Arabs.

    A system that offered protection to people traveling to Jerusalem.

  • Q9

    Beowulf is a story from the Bible, about Jesus defeating the devil.

    True or False
  • Q10

    Dante Alighieri was:

    A poet, the first to write poems about the Christian belief.

    A king of France who fought against the Moors in Spain.

    The leader of the Catholic Church.

    A poet, considered by many to be the earliest representative of the Italian Renaissance.


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