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The Midline Theorem, Trapezoid and Kites.

Quiz by Norry Gris Burinaga

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5 questions
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  • Q1

     According to the Area of the Kite definition, the area of the kite is ______ of the _______ of the lengths of its diagonals.

    2,\ sum

    \frac{1}{2},\ product

    \frac{2}{3},\ sum

    \frac{2}{3},\ product

  • Q2
    Question Image
  • Q3

    An Isosceles Trapezoid is a quadrilateral with exactly one pair of _______ bases and _______ legs.

    parallel, congruent

    adjacent, congruent

    supplementary and parallel

    perpendicular, parallel  

  • Q4

    Find the area of a kite if one diagonal is 14 cm long, and the other diagonal is 11cm long.

    144 cm

    12.5 cm

    14 cm

    77 cm

  • Q5

    In the trapezoid shown, which of the following is the correct formula to measure the median of the trapezoid using the Midline Theorem of Trapezoid?

    Question Image

    \overline{\mathrm{AT}}\ =\frac{\left(\overline{\mathrm{MH}}\right)\ \left(\overline{\mathrm{HT}}\right)}{3}

    \overline{\mathrm{GE}}\ =\frac{\overline{\mathrm{MH}}\ +\ \overline{\mathrm{AT}}}{2}\

    \overline{\mathrm{GE}}\ =\frac{\left(\overline{\mathrm{MH}}\ -\ \overline{\mathrm{HT}}\right)}{2}

    \overline{\mathrm{GE}}\ =\frac{\left(\overline{\mathrm{MH}}\right)\ \left(\overline{\mathrm{HT}}\right)}{2}


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