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The Monkey's Paw

Quiz by marlene hardin

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    In Scene 1, Mrs. White says, “I couldn’t bear the thought of Herbert packing off to distant lands.” This line helps readers understand that
    Mrs. White is very attached to her son.
    Mrs. White does not want to hear about Morris’s travels.
    Mrs. White does not enjoy traveling.
    Herbert wants to join the military.
  • Q2
    The storm at the beginning of the play
    shows that the story takes place in England.
    helps create a hopeful mood.
    shows that the story takes place in 1901.
    helps create a mysterious and spooky mood.
  • Q3
    At the end of Scene 3, Messenger 2 tells the Whites that they are receiving 200 pounds. This detail is important because it shows that
    Morris knew that Herbert would be killed.
    the monkey’s paw granted Mr. White’s wish in a horrible way.
    now the Whites can pay for their house.
    the messenger was a friend of Herbert’s.
  • Q4
    The caption on page 22 says, “These stories were often more entertaining than accurate.” In other words, travelers sometimes
    old stories that were funny, not scary.
    left interesting details out of their stories.
    exaggerated or made things up to make their stories more interesting.
    told confusing stories.
  • Q5
    Which is a theme of the play?
    Mr. White’s wish for 200 pounds led to Herbert’s death.
    Mr. White should never have used the monkey’s paw.
    It is dangerous to interfere with fate.
    Never trust a monkey.

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