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The Mouse and the Motorcycle- Chapters 1-3

Quiz by Bruce Keizer

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7 questions
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  • Q1
    What state did the Gridleys travel to?
  • Q2
    What did the dad say he needed to do before they went to dinner?
    He needed to check to see if there were any mice in the room.
    He needed to go sit in the hot tub to relax his muscles.
    He needed to unpack his clothes.
    He needed to take a nap and get some rest.
  • Q3
    What does Mrs. Gridley do with the apple core when she walks into the room?
    She takes a bite of it.
    She throws it into the wastebasket.
    She tells Keith to take it along to dinner.
    She begins to question Keith about it.
  • Q4
    What emotions does Ralph have when he has the room all to himself?
    He is hopeful that Keith will leave some wrappers or a bag of peanuts.
    All the above answers
    He is disappointed because there aren't any crumbs.
    He is joyful that Keith left the apple core by the telephone.
  • Q5
    Ralph's mother worries about him quite often. Based on what happened with their father, what did she worry the most about with her children?
    She worried they would run into the hallways.
    She worried they would be thrown into the trash.
    She worried they would eat too much.
    She worried they would find aspirin tablets.
  • Q6
    What causes Ralph to lose control of the motorcycle?
    He let go of the handgrips when the bell on the telephone rang.
    He pushed back on the handlebars.
    He was trying to take a bite of the apple core.
    He jumped off it when he heard the bellboy come into the room.
  • Q7
    Where does the motorcycle land? What happens to Ralph?
    It lands in the wastebasket, and Ralph is able to jump off the handlebars to get out.
    It lands in the wastebasket, and Ralph is stuck in there.
    It lands on the floor next to the telephone, and he grabs the telephone cord on the way down.
    It lands on the bed, and he sits back to take a nap.

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