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The New Doctor

Quiz by Lindsay Ancelitz

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18 questions
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  • Q1
    Where was Manuelita going at the beginning of the story?
    to collect herbs in the mountains
    to buy herbs in the village
    to get herbs from Dr. Johnson
  • Q2
    Lupe thinks that taking an X-ray is like
    wasting money
    watching TV
  • Q3
    Why doesn't Lupe want to be friends with Dr. Johnson?
    because her mom would be mad at her for sneaking around
    because Manuelita doesn't like the new doctor
    because it would hurt Manuelita's feelings
  • Q4
    Why do Uncle Pedro and Cousin Josefa's husband come to Dr. Johnson?
    because they do not like the new doctor or the new office in their village
    because Josefa is going to have a baby
  • Q5
    Why does Josefa prefer Manuelita to Dr. Johnson?
    She believes that Manuelita knows all the right things to do.
    She believes that Dr. Johnson does not know to deliver a baby
    Dr. Johnson doesn't speak Spanish.
  • Q6
    Why does Dr. Johnson decide to let Manuelita come help with Josefa?
    Dr. Johnson cannot understand any of the Spanish that Josefa is speaking
    Dr. Johnson is worried that the birth will not be good is Josefa is so upset
  • Q7
    What happens at the end of the story between Dr. Johnson and Manuelita?
    Dr. Johnson shakes her hand and leaves
    Manuelita leaves right away and ignores Dr. Johnson
    Dr. Johnson thanks Manuelita and says she has a lot to learn from her.
  • Q8
    What makes Dr. Johnson a better doctor?
    refusing to collect herbs in the mountains
    using the skills she learned at medical school
    understanding that she can learn from Manuelita
  • Q9
    What does Lupe tell Dr. Johnson will get rid of bugs at the clinic?
    dried calabasilla leaves
    a bag flour
    a can of calabasilla
  • Q10
    Manuelita is a curandera. A curandera is....
    a teacher
    a doctor
    a healer
  • Q11
    Lupe trips and scrapes her knee on the threshold. A threshold is....
    a large wooden table
    a rough plaster wall
    a part of a doorway
  • Q12
    Dr. Johnson lets Lupe listen to her heartbeat with a stethoscope. A stethoscope is used for....
    listening to sounds in a person's chest
    checking a patient's blood pressure
    taking pictures of the inside of the body
  • Q13
    Dr. Johnson doesn't have the facilities for delivering a baby. Facilities are...
    tools used to build things with
    places where you can view nature
    things meant to make a job easier
  • Q14
    "Superstition has no place at a time like this", says Dr. Johnson. Superstitions are
    beliefs based on fear
    a dream for the future
    a book of instructions
  • Q15
    True or false: Noche is a bird

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