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The New Student

Quiz by Emily

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  • Q1
    What problem does Andy have?
    He doesn't have any friends
    He is too sick to go to school
    He is too tired to go to school
    He wants a new dinosaur
  • Q2
    Why was the class excited?
    They got a new teacher
    They were given new seats
    They got a new student
    They got a new lunch time
  • Q3
    How did Nick feel when the class laughed at him
  • Q4
    Which sentence from the story shows how Nick feels?
    The way he spoke was different than the way they spoke
    Andy didn't think it was funny
    Nick sat down with tears in his eyes
    Miss Penny warned the class to watch their manners
  • Q5
    What does the word "noticed" mean from Paragraph 6
    to make fun of someone
    to make a lot of noise
    to become angry at someone
    to look or become aware of something
  • Q6
    The word "curious" is used in Paragraph 6. When you are "curious" you-
    want to know something
    are learning something
    want to eat something
    are leaving someplace
  • Q7
    Which word from paragraph 6 helps you define the word "curious"?
    to be quiet
    He was curious
    His teacher, Miss Penny warned the class
    He wanted to know
  • Q8
    What happened directly after Andy and N idk put their lunch boxes on the table
    Nick and Andy went to lunch
    Nick and Andy talked about dinosaurs
    Mother said things would get better
    The class laughed at nick
  • Q9
    How did the story end
    Miss Penny yelled at the class
    Andy realized his mother was right
    Andy bought Nick a new lunch box
    Nick said he came from another state

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