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The Northeast: Chapter 6 Test

Quiz by Sonya Paul

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20 questions
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  • Q1

    What is a glacier?

    a frozen lake

    a very cold period long ago

    rocky soil that slides down a icy mountain

    a slow-moving mass of ice

  • Q2

    Which plant is NOT found in the Northeast?

    oak tree

    ash tree


    maple tree

  • Q3

    What climate does the Northeast have?

    hot, wet summers and very very cold , dry winters

    dry, warm summers and slightly cool winters

    warm summers and cold winters

    hot hot summers and very mild winters

  • Q4

    What is an ecosystem?

    a law that protects the environment and keeps plants and animals safe

    a system of caring for plants and animals in a region

    a training program to help people save the environment

    all living and nonliving things that make up an environment

  • Q5

    What is a blizzard?

    a snowstorm with strong winds

    a severe thunderstorm

    a huge, swirling windstorm

    a very powerful storm with strong winds and heavy rain

  • Q6

    Who were the early people of the Northeast?

    the Wampanoag

    the Vikings

    the Arabs

    the Spanish

  • Q7

    Where did most Quakers settle?




    New York

  • Q8

    What is a canal?

    a land next to an ocean

    part of a lake extending into land

    a river or stream used for travel

    a waterway that  people dig, usually for shipping

  • Q9

    What is a factory?

    a building in which goods are manufactured

    a small business that make and sells food to the mall

    a store where you buy your favorite toy

    a place where goods are shipped

  • Q10

    Where is Wall Street?

    in Dallas

    in Detroit

    in Chicago

    in New York City

  • Q11

    The Northeast was the first region of the United States

    settled by Native Americans

    to find gold

    to build factories

    to find silver

  • Q12

    What does finance mean?

    a place to keep money

    an opportunity to learn

    the management of money

    the packing of goods in a box

  • Q13

    What does retail mean?

    to sell again and again

    sale of goods directly to customers

    to sell early in the morning

    to sell at the end of the day

  • Q14

    What does wholesale mean?

    for sale in whole pieces

    sale of large amounts of goods, usually to stores

    sale of large items only

    for sell to families only

  • Q15

    What is pictured below?

    Question Image

    South Carolina



    New Jersey


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