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The Other Side - Reading

Quiz by Carrie WhiteToomey

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    What does yonder mean in Paragraph 8 of "The Other Side"
    Over there
    Right next door
    Across the street
    In another neighborhood
  • Q2
    Which statement best supports the answer to Question 1?
    We lived in a yellow house on one side of it.
    By where you see the laundry. That's my blouse hanging on the line.
    It's nice up on this fence, Annie said, You can see all over
    Each morning she climbed up on the fence and stared over at our side.
  • Q3
    In Paragraph 10, Annie said, "A fence like this was made for sitting on." What does that tell us about her?
    She is lonely and wants a new friend.
    She wanted to sit outside while it wasn't raining
    She doesn't listen to her mother.
    She loves beautiful views
  • Q4
    In Paragraph 11, Clover and Annie decided to sit on the fence together. Why is this important?
    They wanted to play.
    They didn't care what others thought.
    They were brave. And wanted more freedom.
    They found a way to be friends without disobeying their parents.
  • Q5
    What details from the story best supports the answer from part A?
    ....she never said nothing about sitting on it
    My mama says I should not go on the other side, I said
    "I waited for her to tell me to get down from the fence or something, but she never did.
    I see you made a new friend, she said one morning

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