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The Outsiders Ch. 10-12

Quiz by Jennie Lorenzen

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Dally raised his unloaded gun at police
    because he was trying to get away
    because he wanted to protect himself
    because he lost hope after Johnny died
    because he was mad at Johnny
  • Q2
    Dally phones for help because he
    is running away
    wants to turn himself in
    knifed a Soc
    needs a hideout
  • Q3
    After Ponyboy got home from the hospital, Dally called and told them
    He just robbed a gas station and was being chased by the police
    The blue mustang was on his way to Pony's house
    He had just been jumped by a group of Socs
    Johnny died
  • Q4
    Ponyboy discovered Bob Sheldon's picture
    in a magazine
    in Soda's old yearbook
    on television
    in the newspaper
  • Q5
    At the hearing about Bob Sheldon's death
    Soda had a breakdown
    Ponyboy was found not guilty
    The courts decided to split up the brothers
    Ponyboy was found guilty
  • Q6
    Who visited Ponyboy as he was recovering after the rumble?
    Cherry's parents
    Bob's parents
  • Q7
    During his recovery, Ponyboy
    go pneumonia again
    quit being a Greaser
    found a note from Johnny
    would not accept that Johnny was dead
  • Q8
    When the Socs threatened to fight Ponyboy for killing Bob Sheldon
    Ponyboy broke a bottle and threatened to hurt them
    He explained his fighting days were over
    Darry made sure no fight broke out
    Soda diverted the Socs' attention so Ponyboy could escape
  • Q9
    In his note, Johnny asked Pony to tell Dally several things. Which one is not one of those things?
    there is good in the world
    to watch a sunset
    it was worth it
  • Q10
    Ponyboy's theme for English class
    was about his goal to become a painter
    was a punishment for missing so much school
    allowed him to graduate and attend college
    was this novel

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