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The Outsiders, Chapters 3-6

Quiz by Holly Distefano

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    When Darry slaps Ponyboy in Chapter 3, how does this incident propel the action of the novel?
    Darry tells Ponyboy he didn't mean to hit him, but Pony doesn't believe him.
    It causes Ponyboy to run away, and he meets up with Cherry.
    Ponyboy heads for the park with Johnny, where they encounter the Socs.
  • Q2
    Describe the literary technique the author uses in this passage from Chapter 4: "I killed him," he said slowly. "I killed that boy."
    The author uses alliteration to emphasize Johnny's sick feeling.
    The author uses hyperbole to emphasize the importance of Bob's death.
    The author uses repetition to emphasize Johnny's emotion.
  • Q3
    Choose the answer that best describes the narrator's tone in the following passage: "Johnny! What are we gonna do? They put you in the electric chair for killing people: I was shaking. I want a cigarette. I want a cigarette. I want a cigarette."
  • Q4
    When Dally gives the boys guns, money, and directions to Jay Mountain, we can infer all EXCEPT
    Dally knows how to take control of a situation.
    Dally is worried that Darry and Soda will find out.
    Dally is not concerned about breaking the law.
  • Q5
    How does the author use figurative language in the following passage: We lay in the tall weeds and damp grass, breathing heavily. The dawn was coming. It was lighting the sky in the east and a ray of gold touched the hills.
    Hyperbole is used to help us visualize the weeds and grass.
    Personification is used to emphasize the gold color upon the hills.
    Metaphor is used to describe the dawn approaching.
  • Q6
    Which sentence best supports the idea that Ponyboy's hair was his "pride"?
    "Our hair was tuff--we didn't have to use much grease on it."
    "Maybe we couldn't have Corvairs or madras shirts, but we could have hair."
    "Not too short," I begged.
  • Q7
    Read this passage from Chapter 5 and determine the purpose: "The mist was what was pretty," Johnny said. "All gold and silver." "Uhmmm," I said, trying to blow a smoke ring. "Too bad it couldn't stay like that all the time." "Nothing gold can stay." I was remembering a poem I read once.
    show the reader that Johnny is interested in nature
    bring the poem "Nothing Gold Can Stay" into the novel's plot
    provide a unique symbol for the novel
  • Q8
    At the Dairy Queen, Dally says he is now carrying a "heater," but "it ain't loaded." Which of Dally's statements best shows his motive?
    "It sure does help a bluff."
    "I kinda let it slip that y'all were headin' for Texas."
    "Two-Bit got jumped a few days ago."
  • Q9
    Read this sentence from Chapter 6: Dally cursed under his breath and nearly tore out the transmission of the T-bird as we roared out of the Dairy Queen. Which words from t he sentence best develop a tone of tension?
    Dally cursed, tore out, roared
    Dally cursed, under his breath, roared
    under his breath, T-bird, roared
  • Q10
    At the church fire, Ponyboy claims, "Johnny wasn't behaving at all like his old self."
    When Pony jumped out of the window, he heard Johnny scream
    Johnny's face was red-marked from falling embers
    Johnny yelled, "Shut up! We're going to get you out!"

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