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The Pacific Ring of Fire: Fast Facts

Quiz by Azulema Tejada

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  • Q1
    The _______________consists of many volcanoes in a near-circle around the Pacific Ocean.
    the Pacific Ring
    Atlantic Fire
    Ring of Fire
  • Q2
    Active volcanoes are dangerous. People choose to live near them, however, because _________________ is rich and good for farming.
    volcano soil
    volcanic poil
    volcanic oil
  • Q3
    In Indonesia, more people live near _______________________________ than in any other country. On the island of Java alone, there are more than 30 volcanoes and about 140 million people
    active volcano
    activated volcanoes
    active volcanoes
  • Q4
    One of the world’s worst natural disasters occurred in Indonesia in 1883. _________________________, a volcanic island near Java caused a tsunami that killed more than 36,000 people. In addition, it produced enough volcanic ash to affect the earth’s weather for several months.
    eruption of mount karakatau
    eruption of Mount krakratau
    the eruption of Mount Krakatau
  • Q5
    In Kinarejo, Java, many farmers live near a volcano called Mount Merapi. A man there named Mbah Marijan was known as the “Gatekeeper of Merapi.” According to tradition, the Gatekeeper knew the volcano very well, and his job was to tell people when it became dangerous so that they could evacuate. Sadly, Marijan and many others were killed
    when Mount Merapi erupted violently in 2010
    when Mount Merapi erupted violently in 2020
    when Mount Merapri erupted violented in 2010
  • Q6
    For people who live near volcanoes, evacuating means _________________________________________________. Therefore, they often wait for definite news about the volcano that will justify their leaving. However, sometimes the news doesn’t come in time to save lives.
    left behind their homes, animals, and daily lives.
    leaved behind their homes, animals, and daily lives.
    leaving behind their homes, animals, and daily lives.

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