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The Pearl: Chapter 1: Answer the following Questions

Quiz by Shakuan

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  • Q1
    The towns people were _____________ toward Kino and his family.
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  • Q2
    What is the main incident in Chapter 1 of the text?
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    Kino finds the pearl
    Coyotito learns to walk.
    Juana is ill and Kino takes her to see the doctor.
    Coyotito is bit by a scorpion and is rushed to the doctor who refuses to help him.
  • Q3
    State two reasons why the doctor refused to treat Coyotito.
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    He did not treat persons from the village.
    He only treated adults not children
    He had too many patients.
    The doctor refused to treat Coyotito because the family was poor and they were of a different race.
  • Q4
    What does this tell you about the doctor's personality?
    He is unsociable and professional.
    He is racial and professional.
    He is caring and helpful.
    He is greedy and racial.
  • Q5
    Name two themes that were presented in Chapter one.
    Family Relationships and Greed
    Greed and The Environment.
    Two themes presented in Chapter one are: Family Relationships and The Environment.
    The Environment and Women in Society.

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