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10 questions
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  • Q1
    what is the overview of the Job book?
    human suffering
    The book discusses an issue that is universal: human suffering and the sovereignty of God.
    The book discusses an issue that is universal
    the sovereignty of God.
  • Q2
    Job Authorship:
    The identity of the author will probably never be known with certainty
  • Q3
    the message of the book of Job is:
    Job's life
    suffering saint meets a sovereign God.
    About Job's family
    Job's friends
  • Q4
    what is the overview of the Psalms book?
    Talk about king David
    The composition and compilation of the book of Psalms span about 1,000 years. Traditionally, the book of Psalms has been divided into five “books”
    Hebrew poetry
    Talk about Salomon
  • Q5
    Authorship of the Book of Psalms
    The book of Psalms is not the product of a single author but a compilation of works from a number of authors over the course of many centuries.
    King David
  • Q6
    what is the message of the book of psalms?
    Hebrew poetry
    the wonderful Hebrew poetry
    Prayers and praises of God’s people
    how wonderful the hebrews wrote
  • Q7
    There are 8 classifications of psalms and they are:
    The book of Psalms captures the responses of the people of God to
    These psalms express grief and need
    The bottom line is that God is the primary subject.
    Psalms of lament, Acknowledgement psalms, Descriptive praise psalms, Royal psalms, Royal psalms, Royal psalms, Wisdom psalms, Messianic psalms.
  • Q8
    what is the overview of the Proverbs book?
    The book of Proverbs rises out of the Kingdom era of Israel’s history. Solomon is the primary author, ruling in the peak of the Kingdom era.
    Hebrew poetry
    Proverbs for life
  • Q9
    What is the overview of the book of Ecclesiastes?
    Hebrew poetry
    As Solomon thought of the world
    Salomon's failures
    he book of Ecclesiastes captures Solomon’s wistful reflections about a life given to seeking satisfaction in all human pursuits.
  • Q10
    What is the message of the Song of Songs?
    Salomon and his love
    Hebrew poetry
    Exaltation of married love.

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