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The Quizalize Intro Quiz

Quiz by Quizalize Team

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Quizalize is a classroom quiz game that can be used:
    Question Image
    Both in class or for homework
    Only in the bath
    Only in class
    Only for homework
  • Q2
    Quizalize is brilliant at engaging students, but it's also a powerful classroom tool that also helps teachers:
    Question Image
    Spot each student's strengths and weaknesses
    Track student progress over time
    All of these
    Identify learning gaps
  • Q3
    To set up Quizalize to play with my class takes:
    Less than a minute
    1 minute
    A lifetime
    5 minutes
  • Q4
    Students can play Quizalize on any device:
  • Q5
    Quizalize has two types of questions, multiple choice and letter ...
  • Q6
    All students in a class must do the same quiz at the same time:
  • Q7
    I've searched for a quiz in the marketplace, but found none that match my needs. I should:
    Create a new quiz and share it with other teachers
    Try another search
    Write a letter to Barack Obama
    Give up and go home
  • Q8
    I've found a quiz in the marketplace, but it's not exactly what I need. I should:
    Use the quiz, but edit the questions first
    Create a new quiz from scratch
    Complain to my local radio station
    Email the quiz creator and ask them to change it
  • Q9
    I've shared a quiz on the marketplace, but should I put a price on it or share it for free?
    Put a price on it
    Either is OK
    Share it for free
  • Q10
    I love Quizalize, what should I do next?
    Share Quizalize on twitter
    Join our Facebook community
    All of these
    Send us ideas for new features

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