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The Quizalize Intro Quiz

Quiz by Quizalize Team

Our brand new solo games combine with your quiz, on the same screen

Correct quiz answers unlock more play!

New Quizalize solo game modes
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  • Q1
    Quizalize is a classroom quiz game that can be used:
    Question Image
    Both in class or for homework
    Only in the bath
    Only in class
    Only for homework
  • Q2
    Quizalize is brilliant at engaging students, but it's also a powerful classroom tool that also helps teachers:
    Question Image
    Spot each student's strengths and weaknesses
    Track student progress over time
    All of these
    Identify learning gaps
  • Q3
    To set up Quizalize to play with my class takes:
    Less than a minute
    1 minute
    A lifetime
    5 minutes
  • Q4
    Students can play Quizalize on any device:
  • Q5
    Quizalize has two types of questions, multiple choice and letter ...
  • Q6
    All students in a class must do the same quiz at the same time:
  • Q7
    I've searched for a quiz in the marketplace, but found none that match my needs. I should:
    Create a new quiz and share it with other teachers
    Try another search
    Write a letter to Barack Obama
    Give up and go home
  • Q8
    I've found a quiz in the marketplace, but it's not exactly what I need. I should:
    Use the quiz, but edit the questions first
    Create a new quiz from scratch
    Complain to my local radio station
    Email the quiz creator and ask them to change it
  • Q9
    I've shared a quiz on the marketplace, but should I put a price on it or share it for free?
    Put a price on it
    Either is OK
    Share it for free
  • Q10
    I love Quizalize, what should I do next?
    Share Quizalize on twitter
    Join our Facebook community
    All of these
    Send us ideas for new features

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