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The Rise of Mass Consumption

Quiz by Anushka Chauhan

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12 questions
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  • Q1
    Spectator sports were most popular with which group of people?
    upper-class men
    immigrant children
    working-class men
    lower-class men
  • Q2
    How did incomes change during this time?
    Incomes began to rise rapidly, but then fell due to large amounts of immigrant workers
    Incomes decreased rapidly due to economic busts and booms.
    Incomes began to decrease, but then rapidly increased due to new resources found in the west.
    Incomes rose rapidly, but fairly unevenly amongst different groups of people
  • Q3
    Which jobs saw the most increase in salaries?
    Coal Miners and other labor-intensive jobs
    Politicians and Bankers
    Clerks and Accountants
    Doctors, Lawyers, and other professionals
  • Q4
    Which social class benefited the most from mass consumerism?
  • Q5
    How did the new methods of buying and preparing foods affect Americans?
    Refrigerated cars created a shortage in ice.
    More access to foods lead to obesity and high cholesterol
    It lead to improved diets and better health. Live expectancy rose six years
    Canned foods lead to a mass shortage in tin.
  • Q6
    What effects did mass consumption have on women?
    More lower-class women became maids for upper class families
    Women started work as coal miners
    Women began to buy less goods because restriction in stores.
    Women began to buy more clothes as styles of clothing expanded. Women also bought most groceries for the family.
  • Q7
    What was the goal National Consumers League (NCL)?
    Their goal was to establish better working condition for immigrants.
    They were working towards getting rid of child labor.
    They attempted to mobilize the power of women as consumers to force retailers and manufactures to improve wages and working conditions.
    They wanted women to recognized as citizens and gain rights.
  • Q8
    What were Simon Patten's philosphy?
    Leisure is something only the rich can afford and the poor don't have enough time for it.
    With new economies, there would be more money for people to pursue leisurely activities.
    Leisure only shows laziness and should not be a part of american lives.
  • Q9
    What were the most popular spectator sports during this time?
    Football, Soccer, Baseball
    Soccer, Baseball, Lacrosse
    Baseball, Football, and Basketball
    Soccer, Hockey, Basketball
  • Q10
    What was Vaudeville?
    A french form of theater that became very popular. Light-hearted, usually a comedy.
    plot less films of trains, waterfalls, or other spectacles.
    Shows where white performers wore blackface and often acted out demeaning stereotypes.
  • Q11
    Why were amusement parks, such as Coney Island, so popular.
    They offered a sense of wonder and excitement. Became a place to escape, where decorum and formalities were “forgotten”
    They were a great place to hang out with family and friends.
    They had amazing exotic foods, which attracted visitors.
  • Q12
    What caused telephones to become popular?
    More telephones lines
    Cheap telephone prices
    The switchboard

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