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The River

Quiz by Carolyn

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  • Q1
    What is the meaning or marooned in the sentence, "A few adults thought they would like to be marrooned in the woods?"
    Lost in the woods
    camping in the woods
    delivered to the woods
    To leave trapped or isolated in an unreachable place
  • Q2
    What do you think Derek strongest reason for Brian going back into the woods as he talked to his mother?
    It would help him get better
    It would cause his dad to come back
    It would help the army
    It could save lives
  • Q3
    What do you think made Brian decide that he had to go back into the woods
    He learned something there. He learned how to live and it might save or help someone
    He now likes the woods more than home
    He wanted the challenge
    He doesn't want anyone to think he is a wimp
  • Q4
    Why do you think that Derek is the one that went with Brian?
    The government hired him to go
    He is a psychologist and they want to learn about Brian's thinking.
    He has never stayed in the woods
    Brian would feel more comfortable with Derek
  • Q5
    Derek compared his own change in the woods to what?
    His time at the lake
    An animal
    To Derek
    His friend Deborah
  • Q6
    Why did Brian think bringing all the gear was wrong?
    It is not the same. He had none of that stuff when he was there alone.
    He knew his mother would worry
    It would be too heavy for the plane
    Its not enough to keep them safe

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