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The Role of the CHW: Pre-test

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    A community health worker is not known as a:
    Question Image
    Health outreach worker
    Clinical hospital worker
    Patient navigator
  • Q2
    Which is not a role of a Community Health Worker?
    Question Image
    Health education and promotion
    Advocate for community and individual needs
    Order prescriptions and medical supplies
    Referals and direct services
  • Q3
    Which has three qualities of a CHW?
    Question Image
    Timeliness, Neatness, Superiority
    Confidence, Healthy, Able-bodied
    Arrogance, Objectivity, Compassion
    Trustworthiness, Sensitivity, Competence
  • Q4
    Stress can affect the following organs
    Question Image
    Brain, Heart, Gut
    Head, Eyes, Fingers
    Brain, Kidneys, Skin
    Liver, Spleen, Kidneys
  • Q5
    Self-care activities includes all except?
    Question Image
    Healthy Eating
    Physical Activity

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