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The Shark Sighting Plot

Quiz by Christine French

Grade 7
ELA (2017)
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

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3 questions
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  • Q1

    Click reading text at the top of the page and read "The Shark Sighting." Then answer the question below.

    Which sentence best represents the story's exposition?

    “Very funny, Jack,” Mom said. “Let’s have some lunch.”

    “Dad!” Vera screamed. “Get out! It’s a shark!”

    Vera sat at the top of the slide and was about to slide down when Theroncalled out, “Wait!”

    Their uncle had come on the trip, too, but had rented a canoe for the day and had gone off on his own.

  • Q2

    Click reading text to look back over "The Shark Sighting." Then answer the question below.

    The following excerpt best represents the story's --?

    Dad looked behind him and yelped. Then he swam as fast as he could to the ladder and pulled himself up to safety. The whole family stared at the fin as it came towards them. Dad had picked up his phone to report the shark sighting when the fin, which had reached the boat, popped out of the water.


    rising action


    falling action

  • Q3

    Click reading text to review "The Shark Sighting." Then answer the question below.

    What is the significance of this line from the story's rising action?

    Mom looked up from her book and laughed. “That’s impossible, Theron. We’re in a lake. Sharks live in the ocean.”

    It demonstrates Mom's attitude toward her children.

    It builds suspense by making the reader question whether there could really be a shark.

    It shows the reader that the children in the story are not very smart.

    It introduces an important character.


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