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The Strongest One ( critical questions)

Quiz by Wafaa Yussuf

Grade 2
English Language Arts
Common Core

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Grade 2
English Language Arts
Common Core


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5 questions
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  • Q1
    1- How did you know the setting of the beginning of the drama ?
    - From the picture
    -the author mentioned
  • Q2
    2-What did you learn about being strong from Little Red Ant's discovery ?
    -Everyone is strong in someway.
    -The fire is the strongest.
    -The wind is the strongest.
  • Q3
    3-Scene II was in the "Mesa ",What does Mesa mean?
    - A hill with steep sides.
    - A lake with fresh water.
    - A mountain.
  • Q4
    4-Give examples of characters (living things ) that Little Red Ant spoke to ?
    - House
    -Mouse and deer.
  • Q5
    5-Why none of the animals could hurt Little Red Ant?
    -Because this is a play.
    - Because this is a realistic fiction story.
    -Because this is a fantasy story .

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