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The teacher as a curriculum interpreter and designer

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  • Q1
    Curriculum documents and approaches to curriculum policy apply the following universal principles: choose the incorrect one
    Evidence of Achievement
    Provision for individual learning
    Defined outcomes, aims or objectives
    Series of planned events
  • Q2
    Stenhouse views curriculum as?
    Pedagogy of the oppressed” or a “pedagogy of hope”
    The way in which knowledge content is organized.
    Effective assessment strategies to determine whether the outcomes were achieved.
    A process that cannot be predetermined and that changes with the context and the people involved
  • Q3
    The obvious key concepts of OBE that underpins the views of Tyler, Stenhouse and Freire
    Experiential learning
    Knowledge, skills and values
    All of the above
    Expanded opportunitie
  • Q4
    Indicate the correct sequence of the curriculum documentation from the previous one to the current one
    OBE, Curriculum 2005, NCS and CAPS
    OBE, CAPS, NCS and Curriculum 2005
    OBE, NCS, Curriculum 2005 and CAPS
    OBE, Curriculum 2005, CAPS and NCS
  • Q5
    A curriculum framework is part of an outcome-based education or standards based education reform design.
  • Q6
    Hidden curriculum, is hidden from the learners, from the educators and its intended. True or False
  • Q7
    Paulo Freire view Curriculum as He provides a rationale for a pedagogy of the oppressed; introduces the highly influential notion of banking education; highlights the contrasts between education forms that treat people as objects rather than subjects; and explores education as cultural action.

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