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  • Q1

    A group of male students catcalled their PE teacher walking down the hallway. Disciplinary actions may be imposed upon these student under which law?

    RA 11313

    RA 7610

    RA  10627

    RA 7877  

  • Q2

    Which of the following are obligations of teachers? V.Accountable for the effective attainment of learning objectives VI.Render reports on performance of learners VII.Maintain and sustain professional growth VIII.Participate as an agent of social, moral, intellectual and cultural change.

    I, II, III

    III, and IV

    I, II, III, IV

    II, III and IV

  • Q3

    The school’s security guard had an altercation with one of its students as he felt disrespected because the student used verbally abusive language when the latter was refused entry for his failure to present his ID. Under the heat their argument, the security guard pulled his gun and shot the student. Can the school be made liable to indemnify the student’s parent for damages arising from his death?

    No, the security guard is an employee of the security agency and not the school

    Yes, there is an employer-employee relationship between the security guard and the school

    Yes, there was a breach of contract of education

    No, the security guard should be solely responsible for his actions

  • Q4

    Under R.A. 7722 or Higher Education Act of 1994, which agency has direct supervision and management of teacher education institutions or colleges of education in the country?

    Teacher Education Council

    Department of Education

     Commission on Higher Education

    Professional Board of Teachers

  • Q5

    The following are acts that constitute bullying, except:

    Paul posted on his online social media account poking fun his classmate’s skin color

    The whole class played a prank on Bianca which caused her to under a panic attack

    Martha punched her classmate on the face

    Teacher Paul called his student Ms. Piggy during recitation

  • Q6

    The Education Act of 1982 categorically states that it is a teacher’s __________ “to refrain from making deductions in scholastic ratings for acts that are clearly not manifestations of poor scholarship.”





  • Q7

    With RA 9155, to which body were all the functions, programs, and activities of the Department of Education related to Sports competition transferred?

    Commission on Higher Education

    Philippine Sports Commission

    Commission on Higher Education

    Technical Education Services Development Authority

  • Q8

    Parents, guardians or persons exercising substitute parental authority are ______ liable for damages committed by their minor children.





  • Q9

    Based on the Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013, which does basic education in the Philippines encompass? I. Kindergarten II. Elementary III. Secondary IV. Alternative

    I and II

    II and III   

    I II, III, and IV

    I, II and III

  • Q10

    Batas Pambansa Blg. 232 is a framework for the establishment of an integrated system of education relevant to the goals of national development. Likewise, it declares the rights of the educational community. Who comprise the educational community?

    Teachers, NGOs, public schools, private schools

    Parents, students, teachers, school administrators

    Schools, community, non-teaching personnel, teachers

    LGUs, students, parents, NGOs

  • Q11

    A high school graduate was denied admission to a university on the grounds that he failed the admission test. The student insisted that he had the right to be admitted and the act was a violation of his right to education. Was the student correct?

    Yes, education is everyone’s right.

    Yes, especially if he belongs to the Indigenous People’s group

    No, the university may refuse the student in its exercise of academic freedom.

    No, if the university is exclusively for girls. Feedback

  • Q12

    The 1987 Philippine Constitution mandates free and compulsory education in the ______________ level.





  • Q13

    From the Constitution, what is the condition for allowing students to be taught religion in public schools?

    Catechists paid by government

    Extra pay for teachers

    Outside of school hours only

    Upon written permission by parents

  • Q14

    Which of the following acts are punishable acts under the “Safe Spaces Act”?

    I.Gender-based online sexual harassment

    II.Public masturbation


    IV.Uploading or sharing of another’s photos without consent


    VI.Persistent uninvited comments on a person’s appearance VII.Relentless requests for personal details

    I, III, V, VII

    I, II, IV, VI

    All of the above

    III, IV, VI, VII

  • Q15

    Which of the following are obligations of teachers?

    I.Accountable for the effective attainment of learning objectives II.Render reports on performance of learners

    III.Maintain and sustain professional growth

    IV.Participate as an agent of social, moral, intellectual and cultural change.

    I, II, III, IV

    I, II, III

    II, III and IV

    III, and IV


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