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The Tell-Tale Heart

Quiz by Donna Banks

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6 questions
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  • Q1
    How did the police find out the man had killed the old man?
    The man shreiked, "I admit the deed!"
    . A neighbor said he saw the man kill the old man
    The man stated, "Who knows what goes on in this neighborhood?"
    . The police found the body on their own as they searched the house
  • Q2
    What was the tell-tale heart?
    the heart of the policemen
    The old man's heart
    the narrator's heart
    the heart of the unperceived shadow
  • Q3
    After killing the old man, where was his body placed
    in the narrator's basement
    in the old man's closet
    in the old mans's garden
    under the planks in the floor
  • Q4
    Provide the correct words to describe the narrator
    calm and rational
    quiet and easy-going
    stable and strong
    nervous and unstable
  • Q5
    Which word is closest in meaning to derision?
  • Q6
    On the eighth night, the narrator of "The Tell-Tale Heart" grows furious. How do the old man's feelings contrast with the narrator's?
    The old man is calm
    The old man is terrified.
    The old man is joyful.
    The man is bored

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