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The Titanic Tragedy STAAR Question Stems

Quiz by Lakisha Goffney

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    As it is used in the section "The Titanic Sinks", the word (don) refers to-
    a prefix that can be added to a word
    a place a person can visit
    an action a person does
    the name of a person
  • Q2
    Read this sentence from the section "The Titanic Sinks". [The crew of the Carpathia put themselves in danger, traveling at dangerous speeds and dodging nearby icebergs to reach the distressed Titanic.] The description in this sentence helps the reader understand that-
    the crew on the Carpathia ship were very concerned, and were willing to risk their own lives to help rescue others
    the crew were not concerned about helping others and took their time
    the Carpathia was better built ship than the Titanic
    the crew members were not courageous
  • Q3
    Based on the author's descriptions of the accommodations in the section "The Ship of Dreams", the reader can infer that
    the of the passengers had to endure horrible conditions
    first class passengers were not happy with their staterooms
    the majority of passengers were content with what was provided on the Titanic
    third class passengers thought they were being treated unfairly, even though they paid less
  • Q4
    The reader knows that "The Titanic Tragedy" is expository text because it-
    persuades the reader to make a decision
    tells about a true event that occurred in the early 1900's
    uses figurative language to create imagery
    explains about the true life of a Titanic passenger
  • Q5
    Based on the selection, how does the author most likely feel about "The Titanic Tragedy"?
    the people aboard the ship were all hero's
    the tragedy was not an important event in history
    that it was a significant historical event people should know about
    the Titanic should not have been created
  • Q6
    The author includes the section "Aftermath" most likely to -
    to explain who's fault it was that the tragedy occurred
    explain what was done to help prevent another tragedy from occurring
    to persuade people to not travel on a ship
    to show the steps of how to prevent a tragedy from occurring
  • Q7
    According to the selection, why were so many people not able to be rescued-
    it was too hard to see at night when the tragedy occurred
    there were not enough lifeboats available to save all of the passengers
    the ship sank very quickly
    the people aboard the ship were unable to find lifejackets
  • Q8
    Which sentence from expresses an opinion? (expresses what someone thinks)
    The sinking of the Titanic one of the most significant tragedies in history.
    The RMS Titanic held a total of 20 lifeboats capable of carrying just under 1,200 people.
    The Titanic offered different accommodations on the ship based on ticket price.
    On April 14, Titanic received a number of warnings from other ships nearby about icebergs in the area.
  • Q9
    Which section from the selection describes the locations the Titanic accepted and boarded passengers before sailing into the Atlantic Ocean?
    "The Birth of the RMS Titanic"
    "The Voyage Begins"
  • Q10
    Based on the information provided in the table/chart, the reader can tell
    more first class passengers died than second and third class passengers
    third class passengers made up 25% of the population aboard the Titanic
    more second class passengers died than first or third class passengers
    more third class passengers died than than second and first class passengers

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