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"The Titanic Tragedy" Voc. 4.2 /4.14

Quiz by Lakisha Goffney

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12 questions
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  • Q1
    In the section "The Birth of the RMS Titanic" the captions help the reader understand that-
    great effort was put into the building and operational running of the ship.
    the Titanic was the most beautiful ship created.
    many people would be able to purchase tickets for it's first official sailing.
    the Titanic was bigger than all ships at that time.
  • Q2
    What text feature is used to help the reader see the where the Titanic would sail to reach it's final destination?
    a diagram
    a map
    a caption
    a photograph
  • Q3
    In the section " The Ship of Dreams" a stateroom is -
    space where passengers rest
    a cleaning area for third class passengers
    the place where passengers go to eat
    a room with all of the states of the U.S.A. are listed.
  • Q4
    In the section "Lifeboats" the photograph helps the reader-
    determine the exact number of people that could fit in each boat
    to see that enough lifeboats were provided to help rescue all of the passengers
    see the image and size of the lifeboats on the Titanic
    realize how luxurious even the lifeboats were
  • Q5
    According to the caption in the section " Iceberg" -
    the photograph shows the reader the exact size of the iceberg
    the photo is given to show the reader what a random iceberg looks like
    are 100% sure that the photograph is the iceberg responsible for the Titanic tragedy
    scientists or experts think the photograph of the iceberg might have been the iceberg that the Titanic struck
  • Q6
    In the section "The Titanic Sinks" what context clues are given to help the reader understand the meaning of the word (don)
    put on lifeboats
    water began to flood
    or put on
    and many ignored
  • Q7
    In the section "The Titanic Sinks" which answer choice is the meaning of the word (bow) according to how the word is being used in the selection?
    a long piece of wood with horse hairs stretched out from one end to the other
    a weapon used to shoot arrows
    a knot with two or more loops
    the front of a ship
  • Q8
    Which context clue helps the reader understand the meaning of the word (stern)
    breaking into two pieces
    lifted into the air
    exposing the ship's giant propellers
    back end of the ship
  • Q9
    In the section "The Titanic Sinks" a (vertical angle)-
    rocks back and forth
    has no end and goes on forever
    goes side to side
    goes up and down
  • Q10
    The text feature next to the first paragraph of the section "The Titanic Sinks" is an example of a -
    a map that shows location
    a photograph
    diagram with labels
    a graph
  • Q11
    The table in the section " Rescue" is provided to show the reader-
    more third class passengers survived the Titanic tragedy
    there were more third class citizens on the Titanic
    there were less second class passengers than first or third class
    that more first class passengers were saved than second and third class passengers
  • Q12
    In the section "Aftermath" the illustration helps the reader-
    see that newspapers existed in 1912
    see how the sinking of the ship was a tragedy
    understand how the Titanic sank into the ocean
    see that the news of the tragedy was not a big deal

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