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The Triangle Factory Fire

Quiz by Autumn Rivers

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20 questions
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  • Q1
    In the “Yetta” section, what evidence supports the inference that fires in the factory were not uncommon?
    Tissue-paper patterns hung from the ceiling.
    Fabric scraps were kept in a bin under the table.
    Buckets of water were kept available
    The aisles between the tables were narrow
  • Q2
    In the “Jane” section, why does the author include the detail about the new telautograph machine not working?
    It explains why Miss Mary was so harried and frazzled-looking.
    It shows that the factory was up-to-date and had the latest equipment.
    If the machine had worked, people would have known about the fire sooner.
    If the machine had worked, Harriet would have wanted to examine it
  • Q3
    What do readers know that Jane does not when she goes to look for Mr. Blanck?
    whether Yetta has managed to get to the ninth floor
    that a fire has broken out on the eighth floor
    that Mr. Blanck is not on the ninth floor
    what the little girls are doing on the tenth floor
  • Q4
    In the “Bella” section, why does the author include the detail, “Bella didn’t know what a fire drill was”?
    to explain what had caused the fire to spread
    to show that Bella was not as educated as Jane
    to show that there had been no fire drills at the factory
    to explain why Signor Carlotti looked down on Bella
  • Q5
    Which detail most increases the drama of the fire escape collapse?
    Bella’s skirt catches fire as she runs toward the window.
    Jane asks Bella if the fire escape is safe
    Bella sees the eighth floor shutters blocking the way
    Bella shifts her weight back from the fire escape just as it collapses.
  • Q6
    Where is Bella most likely going at the end of the excerpt?
    to look for Signor Carlotti
    to look for the little girls
    to look for more buckets
    to look for Yetta
  • Q7
    Something that is singed is
  • Q8
    What does it mean to stifle someone's excitement?
    to encourage it
    to share it
    to hold it back
    to ridicule it
  • Q9
    Someone who looks haggard is
  • Q10
    What does wistful mean?
    expecting something
    longing for something
    joking about something
    regretting something
  • Q11
    What conclusion can you draw from Ida Willensky’s description of trying to open the eighth floor door in “Flesh and Blood So Cheap”?
    A The door was locked
    The other girls did not want her to open it.
    The others did not understand what she was trying to do.
    The door opened inward.
  • Q12
    According to "Flesh and Blood So Cheap", which floor suffered the worst casualties?
  • Q13
    Why did Albert Martin most likely include the account by United Press reporter William G. Shepherd (lines 182–196) in Flesh and Blood So Cheap?
    to provide an explanation of the causes of the fire
    to provide an opposing point of view
    to provide evidence to support his claims
    to provide a vivid, eyewitness account
  • Q14
    In “The Story of the Triangle Factory Fire,” Fire Marshall William Beers “stunned” New Yorkers by declaring
    that the building owners should not be held accountable.
    that the investigation would continue for some time.
    that the cause of the fire could not be determined.
    that hundreds of other city buildings were just as unsafe.
  • Q15
    Which of these statements is supported by evidence in both articles? (From Flesh and Blood So Cheap and the Story of the Triangle Factory Fire).
    Onlookers who witnessed the fire were horrified by what they saw.
    The Triangle Fire had a lasting impact on safety regulations.
    The absence of fire drills caused confusion among the trapped workers
    The Triangle Fire was a tragedy that could have been prevented.

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