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The West Region Pretest

Quiz by Tierney Larson

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  • Q1
    What are the four regions of the United States?
    Southwest, Northeast
    North, East, South, West
    Northeast, Southwest
    The Midwest, Northeast, West, South
  • Q2
    What is a landmark?
    The land
    A big, important statue or building.
    A mountain
    A legend
  • Q3
    What is climate?
    The weather patterns over many days, weeks, or months.
    The air over a few days.
    The air over a few hours
    The weather in a few hours.
  • Q4
    What is a state?
    A compass
    North and South
    A legend
    Texas, Kentucky, Georgia
  • Q5
    What is culture?
    A class
    A specific group of people and what they eat and what they do for fun.
    Big important statues
    The air during a few hours
  • Q6
    What is a product or a natural resource?
    Advisory class
    A legend
    Things you use
  • Q7
    What is a capital?
    A compass
    A state
    An important city/town in the state
  • Q8
    What is weather?
    The weather over many days
    The weather over many weeks
    The air over many months
    The air over a few hours or days

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