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The Wonderful World of Sound Waves

Quiz by Calum Dunlop

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    What is sound?
    A type of energy made by vibrations
    A type of heat made by vibrations
    A type of motion made by vibrations
    A type of light made by vibrations
  • Q2
    How do sound waves travel?
    By causing movement in water particles
    By causing movement in air particles
    Through vacuum
    By causing movement in solid particles
  • Q3
    In which medium can sound waves not travel?
  • Q4
    What type of sound wave is created by fast vibrations?
    Low pitched sound
    High pitched sound
    No sound
    Medium pitched sound
  • Q5
    How have sound waves contributed to technology?
    Creation of heat machines
    Creation of ultrasound machines, seismic studies, and music technology
    Creation of light machines
    Creation of motion machines
  • Q6
    What is the comparison drawn between sound waves and a pebble thrown into a pond?
    Sound waves cause the water to splash
    The ripples in water move out from the point where the pebble plunged in
    Sound waves move out from the point where they are created
    The water stops moving after the pebble is thrown in
  • Q7
    Where can sound waves travel?
    Through water only
    Through vacuum
    Through air only
    Through gases, liquids, and solids
  • Q8
    Why do astronauts use radios in space?
    Because radio waves can travel through water
    Because radios provide better sound quality
    Because radio waves can travel through space
    Because radios are more advanced than in-ship communication
  • Q9
    What kind of vibration creates a lower pitch sound?
    Fast vibrations like a bird song
    Medium vibrations like a bell ringing
    Slower vibrations like a drum beat
    No vibrations
  • Q10
    How do sound waves enrich our musical encounters?
    By adding special effects to music
    By making music louder
    By amplifying the volume of music
    By understanding the different pitches and frequencies of sound waves

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