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Their Eyes Were Watching God Chpts. 6-11

Quiz by Andrew Bendelow

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    One thing Jody lets Janie do is to...
    make speeches at council meetings
    engage in story telling about the mule
    expose her long hair on special occasions
    sell items in the store
  • Q2
    To Jody, Janie's hair represents...
    her poor background
    something he can never attain
    her sexuality
    the glory of womanhood
  • Q3
    Jody does something that Janie calls "mighty fine." He...
    expands his holdings in Eatonville
    procures a street lamp for the town
    provides a feast for the whole town
    buys a mule to free it
  • Q4
    What happens that changes the marriage of Jodie and Janie forever?
    When Jodie begins to get sick
    When Janie starts noticing Tea Cake
    When Jody slaps her face in the kitchen
    When Jody insults her in front of the whole town
  • Q5
    Jody will no longer live with Janie after...
    she publicly emasculates him with her words.
    he takes vows to be a Catholic priest.
    he contracts a deadly kidney disease.
    the 19th amendment to the US Constitution passes, granting women the right to vote.
  • Q6
    What does Janie do when Jody dies?
    She buys a pet cat named Winkle.
    She begins looking for a new husband.
    She decides to finally find her mother.
    She enjoys her freedom and solitude for a while.
  • Q7
    Tea Cake is not his real name. His real name is...
    Hezekiah Wheeler
    Eustace Merlin
    John Airen
    Vergible Woods
  • Q8
    Tea Cake offers to buy Janie a passenger train and...
    a refrigerator
    a team of white horses
    an airplane
    a battleship
  • Q9
    Janie is hesitant to get into a relationship with Tea Cake because...
    he doesn't like cats, and says so.
    she is twelve years older than he is.
    he keeps talking about her hair.
    he is an ex-convict.
  • Q10
    Tea Cake and Janie have their first public date at...
    the general store in Eatonville.
    the movie house that just opened up in town.
    the Sunday School picnic.
    a fine restaurant in Orlando.

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