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Theme Common Assessment

Quiz by Amanda Girvin

Grade 8
Kentucky Academic Standards

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Grade 8
Kentucky Academic Standards


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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Which of these is the BEST definition of a theme?
    The underlying truth found in a story.
    The time and place in which a story takes place.
    The main events occurring in a story.
    The actions and thoughts of the main character(s).
  • Q2
    Which of the following is the BEST example of a theme?
    Civil rights
    The Revolutionary War
    The first step to being loved is to love oneself
    Where to find information about climate change
  • Q3
    What is the biggest difference between a TOPIC and a THEME?
    A topic is a subject and a theme is a statement.
    Topics are found word for word in a text, but themes are not.
    A topic is detailed and a theme is not.
    Topics can change over time, but themes cannot.
  • Q4
    Themes should be:
    One word long.
    One sentence long.
    Regarded as less important than topics.
    Written in the 1st person.
  • Q5
    What is the best possible THEME from story #1 on your worksheet?
    The ballerina made a mistake.
    Dancing is difficult.
    Life isn't always about one person's viewpoint.
    Hard work pays off.
  • Q6
    Read story #2 on your worksheet. Which line of text supports the theme “Perseverance pays off”?
    "But at five feet and eleven inches tall, the coach believed that Jordan was too short to play at that level."
    "Jordan didn’t let this obstacle defeat him."
    "In his sophomore year of high school, Michael Jordan tried out for the varsity basketball team at Laney High School in Wilmington, North Carolina."
    "Jordan averaged 25 points a game and went on to become one of the greatest basketball players in history."
  • Q7
    Read story #3 on your worksheet. What is the theme of this story?
    A wealthy person has many options but a poor person does not.
    Time and talent don’t mix.
    The one who dies with the most toys wins.
    Money doesn’t buy happiness.
  • Q8
    Read story #4 on your worksheet. What is the BEST theme of this story?
    Taking advantage of friends is no friendship.
    Life is what you make it.
    If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
    It is better to be nice than to be right.
  • Q9
    Read story #5 on your worksheet. Which line(s) of text supports the theme “Anything worth doing is worth doing right”?
    “Alan thought to himself, I guess it’s in the closet.”
    “Rather than putting everything neatly back in its place, he decided to just throw all the stuff on the floor into his closet. His mom would think that he had cleaned his room…”
    “By the time he found his mitt, the boys had long concluded their game and Alan had hours of cleaning ahead of him before he’d be allowed to leave.”
    “Alan began digging through the pile in a frantic attempt to find his mitt. He dug and dug, and as he dug his room got messier and messier.”
  • Q10
    Read story #6 on your worksheet. What is the BEST moral or theme of this fable?
    Old people are wise.
    Obey your father.
    A burden shared is halved.
    Work together to solve a problem.

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