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Thermal Expansion

Quiz by Smitha Ragesh

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  • Q1

    When objects are heated,they


    does not change


  • Q2

    Train tracks are specifically designed to allow extra space for


    Increase in temperature

    decrease in temperature

    Thermal expansion

  • Q3

    A square is cut out of a copper sheet. The square is

    heated uniformly. As a result, it turns into a

    square with a larger area

    rectangle with a smaller area

    square with a smaller area

    rectangle with a larger area

  • Q4

    Why do telephone wires sag in summers?

    They get heated up and expand

    They get cooled down and contract

    They are not affected by the  climate

    They are made of plastic

  • Q5

    The picture shows a bimetallic strip in a fire alarm. When there is a fire outbreak, the bimetallic strip will get hot, _____________

    Question Image

    becomes longer, open the circuit and the alarm will not ring.

    does not bend

    bend upwards, open the circuit and the alarm will not ring.

    bend downwards, complete the circuit and the alarm rings.


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