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Theseus and the Minotaur

Quiz by juli mira

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22 questions
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  • Q1
    who is theseus?
    theseus is the son of king Agean and Poseidon
    theseus ARE the son of king MINOS
  • Q2
    what is in the sea?
    the king Minos' ring is in the sea
  • Q3
    what is theseus going to do?
    theseus is going to kill the minotaur and he is going to go home again
  • Q4
    where did the boat sail?
    it/the boat sail across the Agean sea to Crete
  • Q5
    where did thesus go?
    Thseseus went into the water and ask for help, then two dolphins came to him with the ring
  • Q6
    what did ariadne want?
    Ariadne wanted to help Theseus and be his wife
  • Q7
    where did ariadne go that evening?
    that evening aradna went to Theseus' room.
  • Q8
    what did she have under her dress?
    under her dress she had a knife and some string
  • Q9
    why is ariadne helping theseus?
    Ariadne is helping theseus because she don't like her father and Crete
  • Q10
    what did Theseus do first?
    first, theseus killed two men at the door with his knife
  • Q11
    where did he go after kill the two men at the door? /// where did he go then?
    then he went to minatour's maze
  • Q12
    what did the king minos and his daughter do ?
    they waited for the boat
  • Q13
    where did theseus live?
    Theseus lived with his mum in Trozen, Grece
  • Q14
    who was Theseus?
    He was clever, happy young man, but he didnt know his father
  • Q15
    did theseus moved the rock?
    yes, he did

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