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Thesis Statement

Quiz by Cinco Delgado

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  • Q1
    A thesis statement communicates the main point of an essay and expresses the writer's position. For many academic essays, a thesis statement should be one sentence long. You'll usually place your thesis at the end of your first paragraph, which will be your introductory paragraph. What is a thesis statement?
    A sentence written at the begininning of a paragraph
    A sentence found in the introduction
    A one sentence long position
    The main point of an essay that expresses the writer's position
  • Q2
    Having a good thesis statement is useful for you, as it will help you stay on track as you write the rest of your essay. If a point doesn't support or relate to your thesis statement, you'll know you'll need to cut that point out. A good thesis also helps your reader. If your thesis statement is clear, a reader can know what to expect in your paper right from the start. What do you need to do if a point doesn't support or relate to your thesis statement?
    Write about something else
    Cut that point out
    Leave it and make it work
    Revise the thesis statement
  • Q3
    You can pull the fundamental components for your thesis statement from your writing prompt or the topic idea that you've come up with. Because a thesis statement - particularly for a persuasive essay - should clearly present your position on a debatable topic, we can approach this in a straightforward way and try to answer the key question clearly. In order to formulate our answer, we should refer back to our prewriting, in which we generated some ideas for this particular prompt. As we determine how to answer the key question from our writing prompt, we'll first need to create a PRO and CON list. How do you begin developing a thesis statement?
    Brainstorm ideas, and make a PRO and CON list
    Write your thesis statement and check to see if it matches the prompt
    Begin with the prompt, refer to your prewriting, and make a PRO and CON list
    Make a PRO and CON list
  • Q4
    Though it's certainly not a required format, some students - and writing instructors - like to use a should ... because structure for thesis statements for persuasive essays. This approach allows you to state your position clearly as well as your reasoning for that position. Add a because clause to your thesis statement. You won't need to make up your because reasoning on the fly. Instead, you can draw your reasoning directly from your brainstorming ideas. What does your best thesis statement need?
    a because clause
    enough words for a sentence
  • Q5
    There are a few things that a thesis statement should accomplish. Your thesis will be the central point of your essay; everything else that you write in your paper should revolve around and directly support your thesis. Here are two key points to remember: Don't make any points in your thesis that won't be in the rest of your paper. Don't make your thesis so vague that it doesn't really communicate anything of substance. What does your thesis statement accomplish?
    It is what the reader is looking for to read the paper.
    It is the central point of the essay that everything else revolves around and supports
    It is the sentence that lets the reader know you have strong reasoning skills
    It directs the reader to your conclusion.
  • Q6
    Your thesis statement should be specific, but not so overly detailed that it can't be one concise sentence. If you end up with a thesis statement that is so overly detailed that it's a bit cumbersome, it may be a good idea to edit it. You don't need to include every major point from your paper in your thesis statement - just the major point or points that make up the heart of your argument. Remember that your thesis should serve as a guide for both you and your reader. A good thesis can help you stay on track. As you write your body paragraphs, you can ask yourself whether each point directly supports your thesis. Your thesis will also help guide the reader so that he or she knows where your essay is headed and won't be confused about your main point. Do you need to include every major point in your thesis statement?
  • Q7
    What is a similarity between an overly detailed thesis statement and a vague thesis statement?
    There is no similarity, they are two completely different types of thesis statements.
    In both cases, you will need more than the required one sentence.
    In both cases, it will make constructing your arguments more difficult.
    In both cases, the thesis statement would make it more difficult for the reader to follow your arguments.
  • Q8
    How does a well-written thesis statement help the reader?
    It succinctly summarizes the points made in the essay.
    It helps to introduce the sources to be used in the essay.
    It introduces the points to be made in the essay.
    It articulates both sides of the issue being discussed.
  • Q9
    Why is a thesis statement the most important component of an essay?
    It introduces the topic to be covered in the essay.
    It tells the main point of the essay as well as the writer's position.
    It summarizes the issues raised in the essay.
    It effectively explains both sides of a particular issue.
  • Q10
    A should ... because format for thesis statements in persuasive essays _____.
    allows you to state your position clearly as well as your reasoning for that position
    allows you to reach a conclusion on your position
    allows you to place your thesis statement later in your essay without causing confusion
    allows you to explore both sides of a given topic
  • Q11
    You can make use of ideas that you generated during prewriting/brainstorming _____.
    to decide how to order your body paragraphs
    to interpret the writing prompt
    to write your concluding paragraph
    to draft the because clause in your thesis statement

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