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Things Fall Apart Review

Quiz by Judy Gilardi

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  • Q1
    Why was Okonkwo famous?
    He was a well known, successful wrestler when he was young. As an adult, he was a wealthy farmer and strong wrestler.
    He could throw a spear farther than anyone else in the tribe
    He had the most wives and the most children, thus he had great prosperity.
    He was the only man in the village who had traveled more than one hundred miles away from the village.
  • Q2
    Which of the following statements does not describe Unoka?
    He was Okonkwo's father.
    He was lazy and improvident
    He was the best drummer in the clan.
    He constantly borrowed money that he did not repay.
  • Q3
    What is the setting of the beginning of the story?
    It takes place in Umuofia
    It takes place in Idemili
    It takes place in Amalinze
    It takes place in Okoye
  • Q4
    What influenced the decisions made in Umuofia?
    The harmattan
    The oracle
    The ogene
    The Ibo
  • Q5
    What was Okonkwo's greatest fear?
    That he would not have a good harvest of yams
    That Agbala would take his daughter.
    That he would be like his father.
    That the clan would go to war.
  • Q6
    What upset Okonkwo most about his son, Nwoye?
    He looked like Okonkwo's father
    He was very belligerent.
    Nwoye was lazy, not ambitious
    He was short, a sign of femininity
  • Q7
    What did Okonkwo bring home from his trip to Mbaino?
    a new wife
    a disease that rapidly spread through the village
    A new strain of yam seeds
    A boy named Ikemefuna.
  • Q8
    What unheard of thing did Okonkwo do during the Week of Peace?
    He beat his second wife.
    He killed a goat and ate the meat.
    He got into a fight with one of his neighbors.
    He drank wine
  • Q9
    What food stood for manliness, and was a sign of prosperity?
  • Q10
    What did Okonkwo often say about Ezinma?
    She looked like her mother, his favorite wife.
    It was a shame she wasn't a boy.
    She would bring a good bride-price, marry a rich man.
    She was a spirit-being come to life.
  • Q11
    What unacceptable thing did Okonkwo do just before the Feast of the New Yam?
    He planted his new crop of yam seeds before the proper ceremonies were held.
    He got drunk in public.
    He beat his second wife, Ekwefi, then fired his gun at her.
    He ate yams, which was forbidden for a week before the festival.
  • Q12
    Who was Chielo, and why was she important?
    She was Okonkwo's mother, who was revered as the elder in his clan.
    She was the village matchmaker.
    She was the first wife of the man with the most titles in the clan, and had power over her husband's decisions.
    She was the priestess of Agbala, the Oracle of the Hills and the Caves.
  • Q13
    How did Okonkwo feel about Ikemefuna's influence on Nwoye?
    He was displeased, and beat Ikemefuna.
    He was displeased, and ignored the two boys.
    He was inwardly please, although he would not show it.
    He was indifferent.
  • Q14
    How did the villagers decide to kill Ikemefuna?
    They gave him a choice between death and life-long slavery. He chose death.
    they read palm leaves and interpreted them.
    they took a vote
    They asked the oracle
  • Q15
    Who struck the last blow to Ikemefuna, and why?
    Ogbuefi Ezeudu did, because he was the oldest man in the village.
    Obierika did, because he wanted to save Okonkwo from the agony.
    Okonkwo did, because he was afraid of being thought weak.
    Nwoye did to please his father.

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