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Third conditional quizz

Quiz by Yeison Alvarez

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  • Q1
    What is the correct third conditional sentence?
    If she would study harder, she will pass the exam.
    If she had studied harder, she would pass the exam.
    If she studies harder, she will pass the exam.
    If she had studied harder, she would have passed the exam.
  • Q2

    Which of these sentences is NOT third conditional

    If you had slept more, you would have felt better

    If you hadn't studied that, you wouldn't have regretted the time spent there

    If you worked harder, you would receive a better salary

    If you had changed your friends before, you would have become a different person

  • Q3

    What would be a logical answer for "Would you have changed events of your childhood if you had had the chance to do it?

    I had would changed events of my life if I had had the chance to change life circumstances

    Yes, I would have changed events of my childhood

    Yes, I had changed my life events 

    I would have found a solution to that part of my life

  • Q4

    Answer freely this question. How would have your life been if you had been born in an European country?

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  • Q5

    This sentence is correct in the third conditional: If I had a car, I would take everywhere

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