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Third Quarter Examination (Physical Education and Health 4)

Quiz by Ruth De Jesus

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50 questions
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  • Q1

    Which of the following best defines recreation?

    Recreation is an essential part of human life and finds many different forms which are shaped naturally by individual interests.

    Recreation is designated as hobbies which are done for pleasure on a regular basis.

    Recreation can be communal or solitary, active or passive, outdoors or indoors, healthy or harmful, and useful for society or detrimental.

    Recreation is about activities, pastimes and experiences which are freely chosen and produce feelings of enjoyment and relaxation.

  • Q2

    The following are health benefits of recreational activities except                                                        .

    Reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure

    Prevent some cancers

    Cure people who have diabetes

    Reduce risk of heart disease and stroke

  • Q3

    What good tool will help you learn about your eating habits?

    Intake Calendar


    Food Journal

    Eating Timeline

  • Q4

    Which of the following is true about sleep?

    People with neurodegenerative diseases tend to sleep more

    Sleep changes with aging

    Medications do not affect sleep

    Sleep related disorders are more frequent to children

  • Q5

    How much total sleep time decreases per decade according to study?

    1 hour

    28 minutes

    30 minutes                                                        

    2 hours

  • Q6

    Going to prom, playing in a championship game, and starting a new job are stressors that can cause what kind of stress?





  • Q7

    What kind of stress is considered as negative?





  • Q8

    In what stage of stress does the body recognize stressors and prepare for fight or flight?

    Exhaustion Stage

    Resistance Stage

    Suicidal Stage

    Alarm Stage

  • Q9

    Headaches, diarrhea, dizziness and fatigue are signs that a person is already in what stage of stress?

    Exhaustion Stage

    Alarm Stage 

    Suicidal Stage

    Resistance Stage 

  • Q10

    In what stage of stress does the body attempt to adjust to the stressor and return to normal?

    Suicidal Stage

    Alarm Stage 

    Exhaustion Stage

    Resistance Stage

  • Q11

    Which among the following is not a stress management technique?

    Watch your diet and limit certain food.

    Keep things in perspective.

    Learn time management.

    Be emotional.

  • Q12

    Which of these things is health psychology concerned with?

    Who is responsible for illness?

    What causes illness?

    All of the choices

    How should illness be treated?

  • Q13

    Which of these is an example of forsaking one’s health?

    Sleeping all the time

    Eating healthy food

    Drinking a lot of water

    Taking regular exercise

  • Q14

    Which of these is not true about health?

    Health is not an ill.

    Health means not seeing a doctor.

    Health is vitality.

    Health despite disease.

  • Q15

    Which is the best type of eating?

    Social eating

    Eating while watching T.V.

    Fueling for performance                                  

    Emotional eating                                              


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