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TH-Mid term Exam review (Spring 22)

Quiz by Tracy Hatcher

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89 questions
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  • Q1

    Choosing to convert a vacant city lot into a community vegetable garden

  • Q2
    is an example of what type of external food influence?
  • Q3
    Eating pasta the night before a race is most likely an example of which

    nutrition and wellness

  • Q4
    type of individual food choice factors?
    nutrition and wellness
  • Q5
    External factors such as spring flooding and colder-than-normal winters

    environmental influences on food availability and choices

  • Q6
    The price of specialty coffee drinks has risen in the United States due to increased demand. This is an example of what type of external food influence?
  • Q7
    Fourth of July, Ramadan, Easter, and Christmas are examples of which

    religious and cultural

  • Q8
    internal influences on food choices?
    religious and cultural
  • Q9
    Which is an example of an external influence affecting food choices?
    availability of canned foods
  • Q10

    Physiological influences on food choices include gender, age, wellness,

    activity levels

  • Q11
    Cutting food costs in half because children are leaving for college is an example of which type of influences on food?
    situational influences
  • Q12
    Jason, a 25-year-old young professional, relies heavily on high-sodium and high-fat fast food and frozen meals because he never learned to cook. Which internal influence on food choices does this represent?
    knowledge and skills
  • Q13
    Eating pizza with friends after a football game is most likely an example of which food choice factors?
    Social ties and entertainment
  • Q14
    The food groups recommended in the greatest amounts on MyPlate are:
    grains and vegetables.
  • Q15
    An example of a nutrition claim that a person should be cautious of is:
    guaranteeing one will lose five pounds per week on the grapefruit

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