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Those Wacky Shoes

Quiz by Ruth Fox

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  • Q1
    Which is the best summary of the story? (Part A)
    The main character buys strange shoes at a thrift shop. A women tells her she needs to find a way to get out of the shoes or they will take her place she does not want to go.
    The main character wears shoes that take her places, and she gets stuck in a tree. She asks some kids to help her get down from the tree safely , and they finally bring a wagon with cement in it.
    The main character is stuck in a tree because she bought strange shoes that made her climb a tree. When she jumps in a wagon, she loses her shoes, and the wagon rolls away,
    The main character buys shoes that control her every step, an she cannot get them off. She thinks of a clever solution to get out of the shoes and asks some kids to help her.
  • Q2
    Which statement best describes the main character between paragraph 4 and paragraph 10 in the story?
    The main character is scared because the shoes seem to be in control of her.
    The main character is frustrated because the shoes seem more clever than she is.
    The main character is jealous because the shoes have been tricked by other people.
    The main character is angry because the shoes make her walk quickly.
  • Q3
    Which statement from paragraphs 4 through 10 support the art A?
    "yep", I hurried along at the pace of a speed walker.
    "I was stuck in the shoes once, "she said...
    I put my hands over my face, certain I'd smash right into that tree.
    Someone tells me to outsmart a pair of shoes, and I can't.
  • Q4
    Based on the events in the story, which phrase best describes the main character at the end of the story?
    worried about what the shoes will do next
    excited to learn where the shoes take the wagon
    unsure about where to buy new shoes
    proud she tricked the shoes
  • Q5
    Which detail from the story best supports the answer to Part A?
    I sure hope those wacky shoes know how to drive.
    Then the wagon started rolling down the path.
    My plan worked!
    I guess your shoes are stuck in there forever....the girl said
  • Q6
    Which is the main theme of the story?
    overcoming fear can lead to success
    knowing a lot of information is necessary for solving problems
    Having a positive attitude can help when things are challenging.
    being creative can solve problems
  • Q7
    Which sentence from the story supports the answer to Part A?
    "I thought it was going to be an ordinary Saturday- but, boy was I wrong."
    "Thanks guys," I said
    " I tried not to look down."
    "The good thing about being stuck in the tree was what I had time to think up a wild idea."

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