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Three Hundred Pesos, Part 3

Quiz by Mary Stormon-Flynn

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29 questions
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  • Q1
    Anastacio planted pinto beans and not corn because ...
    ... he was told not to plant corn again.
    ... he loved beans.
    ... he knew that they would get a high price when they were sold.
    ... the storekeeper told him to plant beanc.
  • Q2
    Anastacio saw his brother and sister a lot.
    This is true.
    This is false.
    The story doesn't mention this.
  • Q3
    There had been "a shortage of" pinto beans the previous season. What is a SYNONYM for "a shortage of"?
    a good supply of
    a suplus amount of
    a lack of
    zero (no beans at all)
  • Q4
    What are the missing words? Anastacio _______ his beans into his ______.
    loaded, car
    load, car
    loaded, wagon
    loading, truck
  • Q5
    Choose the best answer based on what you know from the story. How does Anastacio feel when he is loading his beans into his wagon?
    depressed, sullen
    confused, impatient
    hopeless, miserable
    hopeful, excited
  • Q6
    What does Anastacio BELIEVE that Emilio and Berta will think when he returns with money from selling his beans? He believes that ...
    ... they will have a celebration for him.
    ... they will be very happy for him.
    ... steal his money.
    ... they will think that he made a large profit and they will beg him for money.
  • Q7
    What does Anastacio believe that Emilio and Berta will think about the food in his store? He believes that they will ...
    ... steal the food.
    ... expect to pay a much lower price than any other customers.
    ... buy the food, just like his customers.
    ... think that he has to share it with him.
  • Q8
    The road that Anastacio traveled on was narrow and winding. What does "narrow" mean?
    not wide
  • Q9
    The road that Anastacio traveled on was narrow and winding. What does "winding" mean?
    The road was very long.
    The road had many bends and curves.
    The road was very high.
    The road was straight.
  • Q10
    The narrow and winding road descended into the valley. What is the antonym to (opposite of) "descended"?
  • Q11
    While Anastacio was driving to sell his beans, his wagon was suddenly struck from behind. What is a synonym for "suddenly"?
    without warning
  • Q12
    While Anastacio was driving to sell his beans, his wagon was suddenly struck from behind. "Struck" is in the simple past tense. What is the present tense of "struck"?
  • Q13
    Anastacio's wagon was struck from behind by a carriage. The wagon tipped over, but what caused the wagon to tip over?
    the horses from the carriage
    the horseless wagon
    his horses
  • Q14
    How did Anastacio's horses react to the wagon being tipped over?
    They were frightened.
    They were calm.
    They did not react.
  • Q15
    Anastacio was thrown into the air when his horses became frightened and tipped over his wagon. What parts of Anastacioś body did he hit when he fell?
    his feet and his ankle
    his back and his neck
    his legs and his arms
    his head and his chest

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