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Thursday POTD

Quiz by Jayme Moore

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  • Q1
    Bryce has 12 compartments in his tackle box. There are 15 fishing lures in his compartment box. How many fishing lures does Bryce have in his tackle box?
    180 lures
    27 lures
    190 lures
    125 lures
  • Q2
    Paige picked 180 strawberries. She plans to make 6 strawberry pies and wants to have the same number of strawberries in each pie. How many strawberries should Paige put into each pie?
    30 strawberries
    60 strawberries
    90 strawberries
    120 strawberries
  • Q3
    Chloe studied 25 minutes each day for 5 days this week. How long did Chloe study this week?
    2 hours 10 minutes
    2 hours 5 minutes
    1 hour 60 minutes
    2 hours
  • Q4
    Cole has 4 flowers growing in his garden. The heights of the flowers are 1/2 foot, 2/3 foot, 3/4 foot, and 5/6 foot. What is the height of the tallest of the 4 flowers?
    3/4 foot
    2/3 foot
    1/2 foot
    5/6 foot
  • Q5
    A company buys 7 new copy machines. Each machine costs $4,619. What is the total cost of the machines?

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