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Timeless Season One Episode Two (Lincoln's Assassination)

Quiz by Steven Jones

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  • Q1

     Where was Abraham Lincoln assassinated?

    The White House

    The Oval Office

    The National Museum

    The Ford Theatre

  • Q2

    Who killed Abraham Lincoln?

    John Wilkes Booth

    Andrew Johnson

    Jefferson Davis

    Lee Harvey Oswald

    Robert E Lee

  • Q3

    Who were the two other politicians who were also supposed to be assassinated at the same time as Lincoln?

    Ulysses S. Grant and Andrew Johnson

    Andrew Johnson and William Seward

    William Seward and James Buchanan

    James Buchanan and John Henry

    Jefferson Davis and Andrew Johnson

  • Q4

     What happened to John Wilkes Booth?

    He escaped and was never heard from again.

    He was caught and executed for treason.

    He was killed in a shootout with soldiers just south of Washington D.C.

    He was captured outside the theatre and was put in jail for life.

    He eluded the law for over a year and then turned himself in.

  • Q5

    What was the name of the play that Lincoln and his wife Mary Todd were attending when he was shot?

    Our American Cousin

    The Tragedy of Man

    My Fair Lady

    The Black Pearl

    The Sound of Music

  • Q6

    What was the date of Lincoln`s death?

    April 2, 1861

    May 15, 1864

    August 4, 1865

    April 15, 1865

    May 7, 1866

  • Q7

     Which of the following statements is true about Lincoln`s assassination?

    None of the Above

    Booth shouted out the Virginia state motto while standing on the stage of the theatre.

    After Booth shot Lincoln, he jumped from the presidential box and broke his leg.

    Major Henry Rathbone tried to stop Booth, but Booth stabbed him with a knife.

    All of the Above

  • Q8

    True or False: John Wilkes Booth was part of a conspiracy to kill three U.S. politicians including President Abraham Lincoln, the Vice President, and the Secretary of State.



  • Q9

    What is thought to be the reason that Booth killed Lincoln?

    He was paid a bunch of money by rich people from the Confederacy.

    He wanted Vice President Andrew Johnson to become president.

    He felt that the Confederacy was losing the war and that killing Lincoln would help the South

    He didn`t like Lincoln`s stovepipe hat or his beard.

  • Q10

     Where did Lincoln die?

    He was carried to a boarding house across the street where he died the next day.

    He was carried back to the White House where he died in his bed.

    He died in the Presidential Box at the Ford Theatre immediately after he was shot.

    He was rushed to Washington Hospital where he died during surgery.

    He died on the way to the hospital.


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