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TKAM--Review Chapters 15-19

Quiz by A'Shanti Cheatum

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  • Q1
    In Chapter 15, a group of men come to the Finch house. What did they want?
    To lynch Calpurnia
    To intimidate and scare Atticus
    To take Scout and Finsh
    To burn down the house
  • Q2
    Jem shouts _________________ to get the attention of all the men outside.
    that he has a loaded shotgun
    that the phone is ringing
    that Tom Robinson is running by
    that he knows each and every man by name
  • Q3
    The next night, Atticus is preparing to leave and is carrying with him
    his car keys and wallet
    a rope and a hood to cover his face
    an extension cord with a light bulb at the end of it
    two rifles and a kerosene lamp
  • Q4
    The children knew something was not right when they realized ___________________
    Atticus was taking the car
    Calpurnia put on her coat to go with Atticus
    Uncle Jack walked in with a shotgun
    they saw Atticus taking a suitcase
  • Q5
    Jem said he needed to go downtown because he _________________
    had a feeling
    had to pay a debt
    needed to buy some groceries
    wanted to meet his girlfriend
  • Q6
    What were the extension cord and light bulb used for?
    To light the front of the jail
    To hang Tom Robiinson
    To keep the door to the jailclosed
    To create a trap for incoming cars or people
  • Q7
    When the four cars pulled up to the jail it was clear that ________________
    the men were there to help protect Tom Robinson
    the men from the Finch's yard were back to kill Atticus
    the men inside them had come for Tom Robinson
    there were no cars that pulled up to the jail
  • Q8
    Who in the group of men does Scout recognize?
    Mr. Cunningham
    Mr. Underwood
    Miss Maudie
    Sheriff Tate
  • Q9
    Who was watching Atticus's back the entire time from the second story window?
    Mr. Underwood
    Boo Radley
    Uncle Jack
  • Q10
    In Chapter 16 and on the same night, Jem and Scout are in bed when Scout begins to cry. Why is she crying?
    Scout missed her mother
    Scout was extremely tired and just wanted to sleep
    Scout was scared for Tom Robinson
    Scout realizes how much danger Atticus was really in
  • Q11
    Why was Mr. Underwood being at the jail for Atticus ironic?
    Mr. Underwood aimed a gun at the group of men that pulled up, but he was actually a part of their mob
    Mr. Underwood was responsible for writing the news in town and was now a part of the news
    Mr. Underwood is not at the jail
    Mr. Underwood despised Blacks, but felt a deep sense of loyalty to Atticus
  • Q12
    Atticus says something made the mob of men stop and think. What was it?
    The Lord
    Miss Maudie
    An 8 year old child
    Something they ate
  • Q13
    How were the white people in town acting the day of the trial?
    Cheerful and merry
    Somber and sad
    Nonchalant and distant
    Serious and cold
  • Q14
    What do Jem and Scout say Dolphus Raymond is drinking>
  • Q15
    Why is Dolphus Raymond so peculiar?
    He is white but prefers the company of Blacks
    All of the above
    He is well-off (rich) and comes from a good family
    He has a black wife and mixed children

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