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TKT - UNIT 11 - The role of error

Quiz by Margareth Hirata

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Using language incorrectly in writing or speaking. A ___________ is often categorised into errors or slips.
  • Q2
    A mistake that a learner makes when trying to say or write something above their level of language or language processing.
  • Q3
    A mistake a learner makes as a result of tiredness or worry and can be corrected by him/herself.
  • Q4
    An error made by a second language learner which could also be made by a child learning their mother tongue as part of their normal development.
    developmental error
  • Q5
    An error that has become (almost) permanent in a learner's language and has become a habit. A _________ cannot easily be corrected.
    fossilised error
  • Q6
    __________________ happens when the learner's mother tongue affects performance in the target language, especially in pronunciation,
  • Q7
    The very first language that you learn as a baby, which is usually the language spoken to you by your parents. Also called L1 or first language.
    mother tongue
  • Q8
    When a learner applies a grammatical rule he/she has learned in situations when it is not needed or not appropriate, resulting in their making mistakes.
  • Q9
    While they are learning a new language, learners create their own version of grammatical systems for the new language which they use as they are learning. ____________________ is the most recent version of the language that learners create.
  • Q10
    The process in which incorrect language becomes a habit and cannot easily be corrected.

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