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Quiz by Margareth Hirata

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    The way the level of a speaker's voice changes to show meaning such as how they feel about something, e.g. if they are angry or pleased, or to make speech sound polite in English. ......... can be rising or falling or both.
  • Q2
    Spoken language in which the words join to form a connected stream of sounds. In _______ some sounds in words may be left out or may be pronounced in a weak way, e.g. Is he busy?
    connected speech
  • Q3
    ....................... is 'two-way communication' between listener and speaker, or reader and text.
  • Q4
    ................ are the means used, especially in speaking, to keep people involved and interested in what is said or to keep communication going, e.g. eye contact, use of gestures, functions such as repeating, asking for clarification.
    interactive strategies
  • Q5
    being able to speak using connected speech at a natural speed with little hesitation, repetition or self-correction. In spoken fluency activities, learners typically give attention to the communication of meaning, rather than trying to be correct.
    Oral fluency
  • Q6
    The use of correct forms of grammar, vocabulary, spelling and pronunciation. In an ...................activity, teachers and learners typically focus on using and producing language correctly.
  • Q7
    When learners use the target language repeatedly and productively in situations in which they have little or no choice of what language they use. The teacher and learners focus on accurate use of the target language
    controlled practice
  • Q8
    A technique teachers use. It involves guided repetition. (e.g. teacher says a word or sentence and the learners repeat it together as a class or individually.)
  • Q9
    When someone speaks in a conversation this is called a turn. Speaking and then allowing another person to speak in reply is called _____________
  • Q10
    A classroom activity in which learners work in pairs or groups. Learners are given a task, but they are given different information and, to complete the task, they have to find out the missing information from each other.
    information-gap activity

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