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TLE 7 Quiz on Hazards in the workplace

Quiz by Christine

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  • Q1

    An overloaded socket requires you to

    repair and obtain an extension wire until new sockets can be fitted.

    ensure candles are not near to it

    keep on using it

    inform people of wet floor

  • Q2

    If spillage occurs

    shout for help

    walk over it

    throw towel over it

    identify the spillage to everyone and clean up appropriately

  • Q3

    To avoid product contamination always:

    dispose of used or remaining product between clients 

    Use single-use disposable implements to remove products from containers for application or remove product with a clean and disinfected spatula and put product to be used into a disposable cup.

    use an applicator bottle or dropper to apply the product.

    all of these

  • Q4

    If you are carrying out a nail service and the alarm sounds , you should

    leave the workplace and run

    assist your client to the nearest exit and safe place

    leave the client to relax while you go out to safe area

    ignore it-it might be false alarm

  • Q5

    The following are control measures for manual handling except for one:

    Plan the lift before you begin

    Do not run too many pieces of equipment from one socket

    Position your feet shoulder width apart

    If an item is too high, use a stepladder or stool to help you


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