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Quiz by Cenneleen Viviem Ramos

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  • Q1

    Maricel is preparing cookiesfor their snack. The main ingredient to make the cookies is flour.  Which is the best tool that Maricel would usein sifting the flour?




    measuring cup       

  • Q2

    Uncle John is planningto bake a cake. He bought the ingredients needed including the fresh milk.Which among the given tools will be used by Uncle John in measuring the milk?

    weighing scale 

    glass measuring cup    

    measuring spoons

    measuring cup     

  • Q3

    Mother is preparingleche flan for my sister’s birthday and one of the ingredients is egg. Whatpreparatory tool is she going to use in beating the eggs?


    wire whisk


    food tong          

  • Q4

    Eric is using honeyfor his Milk Tea business but he has already run out of stock. He decided tomake sugar syrup as substitute. How many cups of sugar and water does he need tomake 2 cups of sugar syrup?

    2 ½ c. of sugar + 1 c. water .

    3c. sugar+1 ½ water

    1 c sugar +1/4 water

    1 ¾ c of sugar +1/2 c. water    

  • Q5

    Donna wants to bake bananabread and it is her first time operating the oven. According to the instructions,the temperature required is 160 degrees Celsius, unluckily theavailable oven temperature in their kitchen is in degree Fahrenheit.Which of the following converted degree Fahrenheit will Donna use?

    300 oF

    212 oF  

    230 oF   

    320 oF

  • Q6

    Carizza is preparinga boiled icing for her chiffon cake, she needs a small amount of cream oftartar. What measuring utensil Carizza will be using?

    measuring cup        

    dinner spoon     

     measuring spoon

    weighing scale

  • Q7

    How are you going tomeasure white sugar?

                     i.   Sift the white sugar if it is lumpy.

                     ii.  Level off using a spatula or back edge of aknife.

                     iii. Scoop until it isoverflowing. Do not shake.


    i-iii-ii .



  • Q8

    In Rina's Bread and PastryProduction class, her group completed the given performance task. What shouldthey do to prevent tools and equipment from becoming contaminated after washingthem to keep them in excellent working condition?

    Wipe them with clean and dry cloth.

    Store them in a messy cabinet

    Put them right away uncleaned and unorganized

    Do not put them under the sun

  • Q9

    Deborah wants to clean the sink and countertop. Which is the most effective natural cleaning material that she can use?    

    tea tree oil


    lemon juice.


  • Q10

    Precious’ mother went to the market and purchased ingredients for theirmeal for next week. She tasked Precious to clean the refrigerator before storingthe ingredients. Why do youthink it is important to keep refrigerators and freezers clean before storingfood?

    to preventthe growth of germs

    to preventthe growth of diseases

    to prevent the growth offood-borne bacteria.

    to preventthe growth of viruses

  • Q11

    Ana wants to bake a cake. She needs 2 cups of flour. She does not have a measuring cup, instead she uses a measuring spoon. How many tablespoons will there be in 2 cups if 16 tablespoons are equivalent to 1 cup?

    28 tbsp       

    24 tbsp        

    30 tbsp

    32 tbsp

  • Q12

    Which of the following is the best safety measure in using proper tools and equipment?

    Check wiring of electrical and equipment once a month.

    Repair broken tools and equipment immediately.

    Handle fragile tools without care.

    Store tools and equipment when wet.

  • Q13

    Pamela uses a cutting board for her green salad and a separate cuttingboard for slicing her meat for her barbeque. Why do you think Pamela used two cuttingboards for cutting her meat and vegetables?

    to avoid cross- contamination

    to have an extra cutting board

    to have more spacefor cutting         

    to avoid being dirty

  • Q14

    Mary prepared Chopsuey for their lunch. She used cutting board and knife incutting the vegetables. After cooking, she washed and cleaned the utensils sheused and stored them in their designated places. How should Mary position the cuttingboard to avoid moisture content?





  • Q15

    Based on the situation given in number 14, how will Mary store the knife afterusing it to avoid an accident?

    Wrap in plastic to protect from dust.

    Put the sharp edge down.

     Do not lay them flat inside the cabinet.

    Apply alcohol to prevent it from rusting


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