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  • Q1

    If a lot unknown and uncontrollable factors affect the success or failure of a firm then an entrepreneur should be competent in:

     planning alone

    Making decisions

  • Q2

    Which of the following is the last procedure in manicuring and pedicuring?

    Let the polish dry between coats then apply another coat

    Apply a colorless sealing coat over the nail and under the tips

  • Q3

    A cosmetologist must observe personal cleanliness. Which of the following does not contribute to personal cleanliness?

    Use shoes with hose or peds/hills, change shoes daily.

    Keep the body clean by having a daily bath shower.

  • Q4

    This line is projected as a shortened line in a drawing.

    Inclined line

    Vertical line

  • Q5

    Horizontal lines are best drawn using this instrument.



  • Q6

    A kind of tool with parts shaped like teeth used to cut or shape wood is a ___.

    Tooth cutting tool

    Lining tool

  • Q7

    The handle of the tool is generally made of plastic or wood and used for spreading mortar.


    Blocking chisel

  • Q8

    What is the size of the septic tank for a family of 6 persons?

    1.3 cubic meters with a minimum size of 90 cm. wide by 150 cm. and 120 cm. depth

    1.3 cubic meters with a minimum size of 90 cm. wide by 150 cm. and 110 cm. depth

  • Q9

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