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T.L.E. (Home Economics 6)

Quiz by Mary Ann Arro

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  • Q1

    What do we call the things, ideas, or qualities that an individual or a family.





  • Q2

    What do we call the additional income for a family member who has written a book, composed a song, or invented a thing.

     lease of property


    royalty and copyright


  • Q3

    Mr. and Mrs. Antonio save money to buy a new house. They want a bigger one because their children grow older. What kind of resources they need to have to meet the needs of their family?

    natural resources

    human resources

    nonhuman resources

    intangible resources

  • Q4

    Out of family resources, what are considered as the most used by the family.

    time, energy, and money

    skills, attitude, and knowledge 

    recreational center and transport facilities

    waterr, electricity, and hospitals

  • Q5

     Family Bueno has a monthly budget of PhP 30, 000. How much is allotted for savings if they set aside 15% of their monthly budget?

    PhP 4, 005

    PhP 4, 000

     PhP 4, 500

    PhP 5, 400

  • Q6

    How are family resources differing from family income?

     Family resources refer to the wise use of money while family income is tangible resources found in nature.

    Family resources refer to food we provide for the family while family income is the money we used in buying the food.

    Family resources refer to tangible or intangible things that a family used to support a family's needs while family income is the total amount of money earned by each member of the family.

    All of the above.

  • Q7

    Mr. Espejo has an income of PhP 10, 000 per month allocated for his family’s needs. How much is allotted for their food if it is 30% of their monthly budget?

    PhP 300.00

    PhP 3,000.00

    PhP 3, 300.00

    PhP 3, 033.00

  • Q8

    This refers into putting action of what has been planned and organized carried out by the family member who’s doing the activity.





  • Q9

     Mr. Mangindo has an income of ₱ 20, 000.00 per month allocated for his family needs. How much is allotted to Medical and Dental Savings for Emergency if it is 5% of their monthly budget?

    Php 500.00

    Php 1,000.00

    Php 1,500.00

    Php 2,000.00

  • Q10

    These are things that each family member desires to make their life comfortable. It may be the desire of having a car, gadgets etc. It is something that the family have or do not have but continue to live.





  • Q11

    All of these are measuring tools, EXCEPT one.

    Tape Measure


    Sewing Gauge

    Seam Ripper

  • Q12

    What do you call this equipment?   

    Question Image

    Pinking Shears

    Trimming scissors

    Embroidery scissors

    Bent-handled dressmaker’s shears

  • Q13

    A flexible measuring device used in taking body measurements. The front has a measurement of 150 centimeters and 60 inches on the other side. Fiberglass tape is commonly used by dressmakers.

    Tape Measure

    French Curve

    Sewing Gauge

    Tailor square

  • Q14

    A handy little spring-loaded cutting tool that allows for the snipping of threads. These clippers are specifically used to snip threads and they are not designed to cut fabric.

    Seam Ripper

    Thread Clippers

    Buttonhole scissors

    Embroidery scissors

  • Q15

     The following are steps in pattern drafting EXCEPT one.

    start with a sketch into the desired size

    cut the pattern to achieve the actual shape and size

    carries the cloth and stand while cutting

    pin the pattern on the cloth and start tracing


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